Gamdias Talos M1 Elite Tempered Glass RGB Mid-Tower Chassis

Trapezoidal Tempered Glass Panel
3 Built-in 120mm Trio Rings ARGB Fans
Seamless Tempered Glass Window
Support RGB Motherboard Sync Software
Power Cover Design
Magnetic Dust Filter
One Touch to Easily Switch RGB Streaming Lighting Style, and LED off
Brand: Gamdias
Warranty: 1-Year
Availability: On Order Only
Price Updated On: 10 Sep, 2021
Rs. 14,200
Shipping & Delivery
Shipping Cost: Rs. 1,200/Unit
Shipping in Karachi - Rs. 800.00
Gamdias Talos M1 Elite Tempered Glass RGB Mid-Tower Chassis Price in Pakistan

TALOS M1 Elite_BANNER_1600X600.png (1600×600)

Smooth and Uninterrupted

With a trapezoidal tempered glass and three built-in 120mm trio rings ARGB fans to allow high air flow through the aggressive angled slots.

TALOS M1 Elite_A_Smooth and Uninterrupted.png (492×363)

Seamless Tempered Glass

To build a minimalistic style, the side tempered glass is inserted from the back of case, leaving thumb screws to hold the tempered glass in place. A cleaner design displaying the internal components of the PC.

TALOS M1 Elite_B_Seamless Tempered Glass.png (492×363)

One Click, Sync All

TALOS M1 ELITE front 3 ARGB fans support motherboard sync (5v 3-pin) to achieve system-wide RGB lighting synchronization, which makes it easier to unite your group of RGB lights.

TALOS M1 Elite_C_One Click, Sync All.png (492×363)

Power Supply Cover Design

Building upon inner beauty of the case, a vented power supply shroud at the bottom of the case surrounds the PSU with cutouts displaying the side of the PSU.

TALOS M1 Elite_D_Power Supply Cover Design.png (492×363)

Magnetic Dust Filter

A magnetically held dust filter, located on top of the TALOS M1 Elite to minimize dust entering the case. With magnets holding the filter to the case, makes it easy to remove and clean the washable dust filter.

TALOS M1 Elite_E_Magnetic Dust Filter.png (492×363)

Light It Up, Speed It Up

A single easy push button, controls 3 ARGB fans, cycling though the different effects and LED off. Another button controls the fan to high, mid, low speed, whichever suites your needs.

TALOS M1 Elite_F_Light It Up, Speed It Up.png (492×363)

Improved Cable Management

To achieve the best PC building experience the TALOS M1 Elite has an enlarged cable management compartment behind the mainboard plate. Tuck away all your excess cables for an extra clean system and improved case airflow.

TALOS M1 Elite_G_Improved Cable Management.png (492×363)

Ample Accommodation

The accommodation inside TALOS M1 Elite is able to support up to three 120mm or 140mm fans up front. Multiple mounting points for 360/280mm radiators upfront, 280/240mm and a 120mm radiator at the rear.

TALOS M1 Elite_H.png (492×363)

Other Supports

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