Thermal GD007 Paste 1 Gram Injection

GD007 thermal grease thermal conductivity is 6.8 W/M-K
The higher of your test standard
the better and amazing thermally conductive effect it displays
It is easy to smear and the density is moderate
Brand: Thermal Grizzly
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Rs. 900
Thermal GD007 Paste 1 Gram Injection Price In Pakistan

High quality heat conductive paste for heat sinks with thermal conductivity up to 6.8W/mK. The thermal paste is designed to ensure better heat transfer between the heat source - electronic component and its heat sink. It fills the unevenness between the surface of the heat sink and the surface of the cooled component and thus increases the heat transfer to the heat sink, which then has greater cooling efficiency. By using a heat conductive paste, you will improve the overall cooling efficiency and extend the life of the cooled components. Suitable for all semiconductors (LEDs), processors, graphics cards, memory modules and more. The paste is not electrically conductive.

Thermal conductivity: 6.8W/mK

Minimum operating temperature: -50°C

Maximum operating temperature: 120°C

Specific gravity:

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