Compatible with most racing simulators, attach your existing chair to save storage space and money.

  • Sturdy Patent Pending Design
  • No Need for an Additional Chair
  • Save Money, Save Space
  • Get the Full Racing Experience
Brand: Arozzi
Warranty: Without
Availability: On Order Only
Price Updated On: 17 Feb, 2021
Rs. 38,000
Shipping & Delivery
Shipping Cost: Rs. 2,500/Unit

Sturdy Patent Pending Design

The unique design of the Velocità makes it compatible with almost every racing simulator and 5-star base computer chair. The Patent Pending design is ideal for racing simulator enthusiasts who want to experience the full racing experience.



  • Able to attach a gear shifting box, steering wheel, and pedals
  • Adjustable to fit your position preferences
  • Compatible with most racing simulators
  • Compatible with most 5-star base computer chairs

No Need for an Additional Chair

The Velocità patent pending design is uniquely made to fit to your existing compatible chair. Any 5-Star computer chair with 11mm wheel inserts can be attached to the Velocità.

Save Money

Since the Velocità can attach to your compatible chair, there is no need to buy an additional chair for your racing simulator setup, saving you money.

Save Space

The Velocità is easily compactible for storage and mobility. Simply detach it from your chair & detach the parts for storage in even limited spaces.

Get the Full Racing Experience

You can attach most popular racing simulators to the Velocità with a steering wheel, gear shifting box, and pedals.

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