Anne Pro 2 60% Mechanical Keyboard Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Full RGB Double Shot PBTGateron Red Swit

1. Dual Mode Connection Bluetooth 4.0 and Type-C USB-C dual mode connection, makes it widely compatible with multiple systems, for Mac, iOS, Windows 8/10, Linux, and Android. Bluetooth mode does not support Win 7.
2. Double FN Double FN key(FN1/FN2) that creats more possibilities for you to set the layer function.
3. Intelligent "Tap Key" and "Magic Fn" function
Tap Fucntion: "Right Shift", "FN1", "FN2", "Right Ctrl" are in combination as TAP key, you could set the tap layer function, and when you click the TAP key, it will triggle this layer function. By default, they behave as arrow key when tapped.
Magic Fn Function: While retain the original Caps
  • Can be used wired over USB-C or wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0
  • Large 1900 mah battery with Built-in on/off switch to conserve battery powe
  • ObinsLab Starter companion computer software for programming keyboard
  • Bluetooth functionality is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS
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