Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse

> Logitech Delta Zero™technology
> Fusion Engine™
> 8 Programmable buttons
> On-the-fly DPI switching
> 32-bit Arm processor
> Part Number 910-004070
Brand: Logitech
Warranty: 10-Months
Availability: In Stock
Price Updated On: 28 Apr, 2020
Rs. 3,800
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Shipping Cost: Rs. 250/Unit


Aesthetically, there's a lot to like about the G402's more angular design direction. It's a mix of jutting plastic (see: left- and right-click buttons) and curvaceous rubber padding that feels downright wonderful to use.

Look past the pulsating blue "G", and you'll notice it's slightly longer than the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless. If that sounds uncomfortable, don't worry! It's anything but. The G402 makes hands of all shapes and sizes feel at home instantly. It's locked in at a moderately light 108g, without accounting for the cable. The mouse sports four macro buttons that sit on the left side of the mouse, two in thumb's reach and two – G7 and G8 – in the pointer finger's domain.

The G402 also lifts the incredibly useful "dpi Shift" button, from this year's iteration of the Logitech G502, that allows up to four different dpi settings (with a range of 250 to about 4,000 counts per inch), but replaces the dual mode scroll-wheel with a simpler, smaller, rubber scroll-wheel. The wheel doesn't lose that finger-pleasing, tactile click between each notch, but, admittedly, it does feel like the weakest spot on the mouse.


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