Cougar GX-S750 750W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply

GXS750 is an 80 PLUS GOLD PSU with a compact design that will deliver consistent power even at 40?/104? ambient temperature. With advanced fan curve tuning to reduce noise levels, optimized protections to protect your components and DC-DC power conversion technology to provide stable voltage outputs, it will fuel countless hours of your gaming life.
  • Compact PSU Size: for All PC Cases
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • Supports Multi-GPU Technology
  • Extremely Reliable at 40°C/104°F
Brand: Cougar
Warranty: 10-Months
Availability: On Order Only
Price Updated On: 03 Aug, 2020
Rs. 23,000
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Shipping Cost: Rs. 550/Unit

80 PLUS Gold Certified

Save money on your electricity bill with the high efficiency (up to 91%) guaranteed by GX-S’ 80 PLUS GOLD Certification, that will allow your computer to operate using less power.

Extremely Reliable at 40°C/104°F

The high-quality MOSFETs and capacitors and the advanced engineering used in GX-S allow it to achieve high levels of performance in realistic environments.

Fan Curve Fine-Tuning

GX-S has been designed to minimize heat generation. This, together with a fine-tuned fan curve that provides enhanced efficiency, reduces the fan workload and allows it to work more quietly.

Compact PSU Size: for All PC Cases

Its 14cm length suits most cases and allows for an easy installation


80 PLUS Gold Certified

Up to 91% efficiency power conversion to cut down your electricity bill

Superior fan Curve Tuning

Advanced technology for noise minimization

Flawless Operation at 40°C

Powerful performance at 40°C/104°F ambient temperature

Ultra-stable Voltage Outputs

DC to DC technology for enhanced voltage stability

Compact PSU Size: for All PC Cases

Its 14cm length suits most cases and allows for an easy installation

Compliant with ErP 2014

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Supports Multi-GPU Technology

Supports PCI Express 3.0 graphic cards with 6+2pin PCI-E connectors

Single +12V DC Source

Massive outputs for high power devices

Strong Safeguards : OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP & SCP

Maximum safety for your key system components

Optimized Over Current Protection

Your components will operate stably and protected from any harm

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